Here Are Some Fantasy Football Winners

It’s no secret that fantasy football is a huge part of the NFL. With so much money at stake, players who can step up and be champions are some of the most important people in the game. These players have won their leagues multiple times and have been there since the beginning.

These Players Are Fantasy Football Winners

Here are some examples of players who have performed well:

  • LeVeon Bell, RB (Pittsburgh Stealers) – The Stealers running back scored three touchdowns in Week 1 and has been just as good since then. He’s averaging over 120 rushing yards per game and has found the end zone four times in three weeks. Look for him to keep up this pace going forward!
  • Drew Brees, QB (New Orleans Saints) – The 37-year-old quarterback had an outstanding game against the Buccaneers last week, throwing for 350 yards while completing 30 passes with zero interceptions. If he can keep up this performance level throughout the season, we’ll see another MVP award come his way!

Here is The Fantasy Football Winners in This Season

These are some of the fantasy football winners this season:

  • Tom Brady, QB, New England Patriots
  • Todd Gurley, RB, Los Angeles Rams
  • Davante Adams, WR, Green Bay Packers

If you own them on your team you may want to consider trading them away before their value drops even more than it already has after two poor performances from both players in Weeks 1-2 combined with injuries keeping them off the field for an extended period of time without any news about when exactly they’ll return from their respective ailments; especially if there are other options available at wide receiver or running back positions on your roster that could offer similar production levels but without all sorts of drama surrounding their health status moving forward.

These Are Players You Should Have on Your Fantasy Football Winners

This is especially important for fantasy football winners looking to win their league this season. It’s not enough to just know what players are good in general; you need to know which ones will help your team out the most, so you can avoid drafting them too early or passing on them altogether!

  • Players who have been performing well
  • Players who have been consistent
  • Players who are undervalued and could be a steal in your draft
  • Players who are overvalued and should be avoided at all costs

The Best Fantasy Football Winners Players This Season

Additionally, when you’re looking at a player’s performance this season, you should also consider how many snaps he has been getting. If a guy has been injured or benched for any reason (or if he just doesn’t like the colour of his jersey), then it’s unlikely that he’ll have as strong stats as someone with more playing time under his belt. So, when you’re looking at a player’s stats, be sure to check out how many snaps he has played. You can find that information in the “snaps” column on your fantasy football site.


That’s it for our list of Fantasy Football Winners. If you’re looking for more information on the best players to draft in your league, check out our fantasy football rankings page. We’ll be updating this throughout the season so that you can stay on top of all the latest news and trends!