Here’s How to Watch the WNBA Finals Trophy

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The WNBA Finals Trophy is the same trophy that’s awarded to the NBA Championship winners. The WNBA Finals Trophy was inspired by Venus’ sandals in Greek mythology and can be watched on TV or streaming services, just like any other professional sports championship. In fact, it’s going to be held right around the time when you’re probably starting to watch football and baseball playoffs anyway!

The WNBA Finals Trophy Will Be Held in September

The WNBA Finals Trophy will be held on September 5th and 6th. The finals will be between the Los Angeles Sparks and Minnesota Lynx. Minnesota is playing at home, so they’ll get to bring their fans with them to their game against L.A.

The Los Angeles Sparks won the championship last year and they’re hoping to repeat. The Minnesota Lynx have been in the finals before, but not since 2011 when they lost to Phoenix Mercury. There are a lot of great players on both teams, so this should be a great series. The Minnesota Lynx is going to be tough to beat, but the Los Angeles Sparks have an incredible team. I’m excited for this series and I hope that you are too!

The WNBA Finals Trophy Was Inspired by Venus’ Sandals in Greek Mythology

The WNBA Finals Trophy was inspired by Venus’ sandals in Greek mythology. Venus was the Roman goddess of love and beauty, also known as Aphrodite. She was the daughter of Zeus and Dione and had a magical girdle that made her irresistible to men.

The trophy’s design reflects both elements: its shape represents an ancient Greek shield, while its colour scheme draws on the idea that sandals were made from animal skin (like cowhide) or leather (like deer hide). The WNBA Finals trophy is made of brass and gold. It sits atop a wooden base that has been covered with black velvet.

Watch The WNBA Finals Trophy on TV Or Streaming Services

The WNBA Finals Trophy will be televised on ESPN. It’ll also be streamed on the ESPN app and ESPN+. You can watch the WNBA Finals Trophy on TV or streaming services, but only if you have an internet connection. The Los Angeles Sparks and Minnesota Lynx will square off in the WNBA Finals. The top-seeded Sparks are looking for their third championship in four seasons, while the second-seeded Lynx are hoping to win their fourth title in franchise history.

The WNBA Finals will be a best-of-five series, with the first two games being played in Los Angeles and the remaining three games in Minnesota. The Sparks won both regular season matchups against the Lynx, but those were played when both teams were healthy. This time around, Minnesota has star center Sylvia Fowles back from injury and ready to make an impact on offense.

The WNBA Finals Trophy Is the Same as The NBA Championship Trophy

The WNBA Finals Trophy is the same as the NBA Championship Trophy. Both are made of 14-karat gold and weigh 15 pounds. They both have a base that’s 12 inches wide and a two-inch diameter ring, as well as a one-inch diameter ring. The only difference between these two trophies is that the WNBA Finals Trophy is 24 inches tall, while the NBA Championship Trophy stands at 30 inches tall (don’t worry about this difference though; you’ll never notice it).

The WNBA Finals Trophy was first awarded in 1998, when the Houston Comets defeated the New York Liberty in a best-of-five series. The trophy was designed by Tiffany & Co., and it features a basketball encircled by rays of light. There are four trophies given out each year: one for the Eastern Conference champion, one for the Western Conference champion, one for the winner of a three-game playoff between the two conference champions if they finish with identical records during the regular season and one to whichever team wins that year’s Finals.


So, what will happen to the WNBA Finals Trophy? If a team wins the championship, they get to keep it for a year. After that time is up, they have to return it and wait until next season when they can try again.